More fun in Miami

Hot bodies are just a common thing

Beach is the perfect place to spot hot bodies. Miami and South beach have thousands of visitors from around the world. Every race with different culture gather in one place to enjoy the sunny weather at the beach. You will notice most people are wearing their trunks or swimsuits, just few pieces of fabric on each bodies. How awesome!

Traffic is a daily part of life

As we read some experiences on different forums, we found out that the most complaints that tourists have is the traffic. Some of their post about this issue is hilariously funny. There was a comment in that forum saying that he was traumatized for life. He was so scared to take any public vehicle because he knows that it will take forever to get to point A to point B.

Exhaust all Spanish words you know

Major of the population in Miami speaks Spanish. Get some tissue in case your nose bleed. So before going to Miami, be sure to have a Spanish language book guide. But don’t be afraid, because you can always find someone who can speak English.

You might need to skip breakfast

Most of the establishments in Miami opens a little be later compare to the place you’re from. You gotta understand too that most people there stay up late because the majority of the businesses in Miami caters to party-goers. After those energetic dances and partying, it’s time to snooze your alarm and go back to bed. Screw breakfast.

Bugs can be bugging

If bugs irritate you, learn to fight! Because in Miami, there are so many of them. They’re not the only ones you need to watch out for because they brought some friends with them, friendly spiders, snakes and gators, too. But don’t let them prevent you from having the best vacation thus far. Just don’t let them bug you, that’s all.

The weather has extreme mood swings

Magic City truly has so many surprises to offer. One sunny morning, then later, there will be storm which is strong enough for you to think that it might already be the end of the world. There are times that the weather is too hot and you’ll be wanting to buy a walking AC. There will be times that the temperature could drop so low and you won’t be needing a refrigerator.

A Miamian’s Life

Miamians with love

We are simple and happy people who treat life in balance. We love to dance and surely love parades, as you probably already know, we love to celebrate. And don’t forget our love for food, we can talk all day about food! Our dishes are simple yet very tasty, have you tried our Cuban sandwich? It’s the best thing in the world. They tried to improve it, add more thing to it,  but for me, our version is the best. Nothing compares to the original!

Have you tried our Cuban sandwich? It’s the best thing in the world!

The mixture of different races molded us to be hospitable and friendly, we are not afraid to be the one to smile first. It won’t hurt us if you don’t smile back, but it will be nice if you smile back, we will appreciate it so much. Thousands of people visit us the whole year round, and we love it this way. Countless events happen every year, so it became pretty normal for us. Big parties and celebrations, happy hour, and you name it, don’t change who we are. Our love for family and loved ones are still the core of our values. I think it goes the same with other races. We are born this way just like Lady Gaga puts it.

We are born this way just like Lady Gaga puts it.

Artworks flood our streets, so you bet, we are creative people. We are creative when it comes to coming up with our own lingo. So don’t be surprised when we say something out of this world, we are just being ourselves. But let me tell you some. When I say, “Ohhhh, that guy is soooo papi chulo!”, what I’m really saying is that guy is so hot, I’m going to die. Here’s another one, “I can’t stop laughing because of her pata sucia dancing.” Patu sucia means dirty foot, the perfect example would be a girl who is losing balance because she’s tipsy. Here’s the last one, “Every goes pachanga when Miami became the champion.” It means that we danced outrageously out of joy and we don’t care who is watching, we are just so happy and can’t contain it.

Ohhhh, that guy is soooo papi chulo!

Like you, we value life as the most important thing. Our reputation for being the party people doesn’t show the whole picture of what we really are. There’s more to us that the online world would not showcase. If you happen to be in Miami, and someone smiled at you, don’t hesitate to smile back. It is our way of saying, “You are welcome here.”

You are welcome here.