How to Take Your Handyman Tools with You When You Travel

Are you a handyman or woodworker that’s about to travel to Miami or from Miami? Don’t worry; you can bring your precious tools with you! Just follow our two easy steps and read the tips below for a happier, more peaceful travel!

Step 1: Choosing a Toolbox

Japanese sliding lid toolbox

First off, you’ll need a traveling toolbox. Just like any typical bag, there are various forms of toolkits out there too. You can choose from these common types:

  • carpenter’s chest with top lid
  • Japanese sliding lid box
  • open tote box with a broomstick handle
  • suitcase box with a fold-down lid

Each of them has its own unique appearance, but what you should be looking for is the number of doors, drawers, and trays. You should also think about not having too many drawers because that would mean a heavier, more difficult to handle toolbox.

You might want to disregard the open tote toolbox for traveling purposes. Exposed tools could damage other stuff, and you might get into some trouble with security as well. When choosing one, remember that you need something durable like an enclosed jointer’s or carpenter’s box.

Step 2: Packing the Necessary Tools

Although the tools you want to bring fully depends on you, we have listed some of the essential tools you should bring.

  • 1 mortise chisel
  • Faithfull-block-plane
    block plane

    12” combination square

  • 22-24” panel saws – 1 rip and 1 crosscut
  • 4” combination square or double square
  • A couple of pencils
  • A couple of sharpening stones
  • Bench chisels
  • Birdcage awl
  • Bit brace with an auger bit set
  • Block plane
  • Cabinetmaker’s rasp
  • Card scraper
  • Chisel mallet
  • Coping saw
  • Dividers or a pencil compass
  • Dovetail saw
  • Glue
  • Jack plane
  • Swiss KnifeSwiss knife
  • Marking or cutting gauge
  • Tape measure
  • Metal shoulder plane
  • Nail set
  • Portable vise or a clamp
  • Sandpaper
  • Screwdrivers
  • Sliding bevel gauge and protractor
  • Small hammer 12-16oz
  • Tenon saw

If you think you need to bring power tools or more saws, then visit Gardening & Home’s website to help you decide on what type of tool or saw your list is missing.

Final Tips

Before placing the tools securely in your toolbox, make sure you have a checklist. Double check if you have everything you need and want to bring. If the above list is too much for you to handle, then don’t carry half of them; just take with you half of what you usually use. You also have to consider the weight, so be sure the toolbox has everything you need but is still comfortable to carry with one hand. You also have to be sure that the tools you’re bringing along with you won’t delay your travel in any way.