No matter what boost you drink to keep you awake, Miami will surely take all your energy away. You got to charge your body by having a good, quality rest or else you won’t experience the full throttle Miami has to offer. Miami is pretty a crowded place, you have to plan ahead of time, call for reservations and have to have a clear sound mind of where you want to go.

If you know a local personally to guide you and keep you from becoming lost to the Magic City, by all means, call them now. If you don’t, we got you covered. From clubs to hotels, you can find excellent suggestions here.

Things you need to consider before choosing a hotel in Miami

Miami beach vs. South beach

Most people get confused between Miami beach and South beach, so let’s deal with this first. Miami beach and South beach are world’s well-known beaches, and are the most visited places in Miami. 23rd street divides them, North part of it is the Miami beach and the south part is the South beach.

  • South beach has more wide array of choices when it comes to hotels, night clubs and shopping streets. Most of the hotels and restaurants are just walking distance from South beach.
  • Miami beach compared to South beach has a lesser crowd.
  • Traffic on both beaches should be expected.

Distance of the hotel

Don’t be surprised if traffic is the first thing that will welcome you. So to maximize your time of stay, choose the nearest hotel possible.

The price

You will be prompted with so many options on where to stay. Use this privilege to get your money’s worth based on the qualities of a hotel you are looking for. Most of the time, you will be spending time discovering the beauty of Miami, so more likely you are going to stay in the hotel for the sole purpose of sleeping.

Check reviews first

Tourism soars in Miami. Good thing that there are good to use resources to help you decide which place to stay. Browse this websites and check the reviews of many customers.

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