The Similarities of Traveling and Woodworking

Visiting different places including Miami and working with wood might be two different worlds for you. Traveling and woodworking seem to be two activities that can’t be done at the same time. After all, you can’t rout wood using your wood router plugged into an inverter generator while you’re riding a bus from Omni Terminal to Skylake Mall.

Nonetheless, these two activities have four similarities that would benefit you.

They help you get rid of stress


Traveling and woodworking help lessen the stress hormone from your body which is called cortisol. When you work with wood or go from place to place, your body releases feel-good hormones instead, making you feel relaxed and comfortable. It’s then safe to say that though they are a bit tiring to do, they are still beneficial for your mental health.

They strengthen your body

Suppose it’s your first time in Aventura Mall. Are you just going to stand still in a corner or sit down? Of course not! You’re going to walk around, probably run, and move your body from one shop to the next. You’ll visit all the stores that interest you and might even try something new. The point is when you travel, you’re going to move here and there and exercise your body, mostly your legs. After all, exploring various places on foot is something most of us would love to do. The good thing about all these roaming around is that it can improve your immune system and strengthen your muscles and bones. Just like traveling, woodworking also gives you a healthier body by requiring you to handle tools and carry heavy materials like logs. Lifting your wood router or other gears can tone your muscles and enhance the health of your bones.

They sharpen the mind


Both woodworking and traveling can be a mental workout. They enable you to exercise your ability to solve problems quickly and make sound decisions all throughout the process. Traveling allows your mind to prioritize safety over other things, which makes you observant and alert. Woodworking, on the other hand, also requires you to concentrate on whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish.

They fire up your creative side

ideaTraveling enables you to explore and discover new things. It also renews your mind and allows new ideas to come sprout. Traveling is an excellent source of inspiration even if you’re not an artist by profession. Meanwhile, woodworking enables you to create things that are beyond the ordinary. With woodworking, you can make stuff or designs that are produced by your imagination. Furthermore, these two activities make you independent and more confident.